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V-Cap OIMP capacitors are renowned for virtues previously found in Paper-in-Oil caps, but with better transparency, and significantly better reliability. A cost-effective and space-saving alternative to the CuTF and TFTF series in crossovers and as output couplers, and responds very well to CuTF and TFTF series bypassing. The OIMP series is particularly adept at minimizing the HF hash of a digital source, and is a secret ingredient in many high-end loudspeakers, SS amps, and DAC's.
The V-Cap OIMP series combines the smooth musicality of paper in oil designs with the transparency and superior electrical properties of modern film capacitors. Uncompromising sonic performance and long-term reliability have been achieved by utilizing a special proprietary metallized polypropylene film.
Despite the higher expense, the V-Cap design team selected a premium grade solid brass cannister (not for 47uF 150V value), deemed to be sonically transparent and structurally superior to other materials tested. The container is hermetically sealed and employs custom made audio-grade diaphragms and end caps, virtually eliminating the possibility of mechanical and electrical failures. This means superior robustness, no leaks, low DF/ESR, and sonics that redefine the performance limit of oil capacitors. The design, materials and processes used to make the V-Cap OIMP series have been so precisely engineered, selected and executed that we boldly offer an unprecedented LIFETIME WARRANTY to the original purchaser.
The V-Cap OIMP series is NOT a “rebrand” or relabeling of an existing product, but a unique new capacitor design that has been meticulously engineered and handcrafted in the U.S.A

The short lead indicates the outermost foil, and should be connected to the lowest impedance path to ground. Another way to identify outer foil is the writing on the label flows towards the outer foil.

The ODAM and OIMP series capacitors have metal bodies that are electrically conductive. Ensure that the body doesn't make electrical contact with any other portion of the circuit other components or electrically LIVE circuit traces. Heatshrink, 3M foam tape, or silicone tape around the body may be used to help insulate, and protect from electrical short.

Every V-Cap capacitor is inspected, tested, and pushed to the edge of extreme conditions, to simulate the harsh environments commonly found in tubed electronics. This ensures long life, reliability, and the ultimate in performance. In fact, V-Cap capacitors are manufactured to such high standards, they are backed by a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.


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