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Noble Potentiometer - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

A black metal alloy, encapsulated dual hi-end potentiometer, has been used in Audio Note equipmentbut very hard to source now.
It is a drop in upgrade for the Alps blue though the PCB pin outs aren`t the same the body size is similar.
Dimensions: body 28mm(w) x26mm(h) x 30mm(d). Shaft dia. 6mm, length 18mm. Mounting bush diameter 8mm, length 5mm

Unfortunately we are currently out of stock. As Noble pots are no longer in production they are becoming increasingly difficult to source. The TKD-601s are a great alternative.

PRICE (1 off)
dual,log 10K - £33.00+vat+p&p
dual,balance 100K - £33.00+vat+p&p



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