Charcroft Z-Foil and S-Foil

Aka Vishay VAR-Series "naked" Z201 Z-foil or Texas Components TX2575

We all know the amazing Vishay range of bulk foils, we know have something much better - the CAR resistor. Composed of Vishay’s Bulk Metal™ Z-foil technology, with improved sound quality, provides a combination of low noise and low inductance/capacitance, making it unrivaled for applications requiring low noise and distortion-free properties. These special "naked Z-foil resistor" design without case or encapsulation, adds an additional dimension for reducing signal distortion and increasing clarity in signal processing.

These resistors are hand made in the UK. You may feel they carry a high price tag, but discerning DIYers do not think twice about spending similar amounts on capacitors. Well, resistors are just as important. Hi-fi Collective is proud to be the first to bring you the amazing Charcroft Audio Resistor.

NEW!!! - we now have stock of the CARS from Charcroft. These are available in values over 100K, built on the same size chip as the CAR resistors. The CARS are S-foils as apposed to Z-foils. The S-foils use two different alloy types, C and K. The TCR of C foil decreased with temperature whilst the K foil increased with temperature. Over the full temperature range of -55 to +125 C the S-foils vary by +-2.0ppm/C. The latest generation Z-foils have a TCR variation over -55 to +125C of only +-0.2ppm/C so is a factor of 10 times more stable. Also, note the power rating of the CARS, S-foils are 0.25W, the tolerance is 0.1% - available in 120K, 150K, 180K, and 220K.


  • Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) - 55°C to + 125°C, 25°C ref.:± 0.2 ppm/°C typical
  • Rated power: to 0.4 W at + 70°C
  • Tolerance: to ± 0.1 %
  • Resistance range: 10ohm to 100K
  • Non-nductive, non-capacitive design
  • Non hot spot design
  • Current noise: < - 40 dB
  • Rise time: 1 ns without ringing
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) above 25 000 V

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