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Glasshouse is Hificollective`s in house brand, under which we make various products such as pre-amplifier kits, cable kits and tag boards. These also include the transformers that we use in our kits. These can be purchased seperately for those scratch builders amoung you. So to summaries, the list includes mains transformers, chokes, outputs and transformer voulme controls.

Glasshouse choke 10H, 250mA. Lamination 29, 1.5inch stack, open frame. Suitable for capacitor input filter. As used in Glasshouse 300BPSE kit ampli...

Choke - 10H, 250mA for Glasshouse 300BSE kit

As designed by Andy Grove of Audio Note fame, these1:10 step-up transformers from Glasshouse offer a reasonable cost solution to Moving Coil users....

Moving Coil 1:10 step-up transformers

Our E/I TVC transformer offer the best of both Worlds, the detail of a passive combined with the dynamics of an active.

E/I Transformer Volume Control

The standard E&I core transformers from Glasshouse have been well received, but now there is something better. Glasshouse are proud to launch t...

C-core Transformer Volume Control

Balanced version of the the glasshouse C-core TVC transformer, for those who use XLR input and output

C-core Balanced Transformer Volume Control

Mains transformer as used in the Glasshouse 300BSE kit. Comes on a open frame format with flying leads, built on a 120 size lamination on a 2.5 in...

Mains Transformer for Glasshouse 300BSE kit

Here we have the E/I output transformer, sold in the open frame format with flying leads, built on a 120 size lamination on a 2.5 inch stack. Suita...

Output Transformer for Glasshouse 300BSE kit

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