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We now stock all 5 types of Jupiter capacitors, the Beeswax HTs, Flat Stacks, the Red Astrons, Yellow Vintage Tones and the all new Copper in Wax.

Jupiter Vintage Yellows are Aluminum Foil with Polyester (Mylar) Film Dielectric with tinned copper leads. Superb.

Yellow Vintage Tone Capacitors

Very similar style and sound to the vintage "Red Astron" to give an authentic look. Very popular with guitar amp users.

Jupiter Vintage tone "Red Astron"

Jupiter copper foil wax & paper capacitors go far beyond a mere copper foil version of the standard tubular HT Aluminum design.

Jupiter Copper Foil Paper and Wax capacitor

A unique blend of the old sound with the refinements of the new. Jupiter Condenser HT line are great paper capacitors.

Jupiter HT Beeswax Paper Capacitors

The all-new Jupiter VT 100V Aluminium Foil Wax paper caps are replacing their range of flat stack capacitors, being cylindrical in shape they are e...

Jupiter VT 100V Aluminium Foil Wax Paper Capacitors

The Cosmos Electrolytic Capacitors is a new axial range from Jupiter Condenser. Inspired from and designs based on early American Wet Electrolytic...

Jupiter Cosmos Electrolytic Capacitors

magining of the original legendary Bumblebee Capacitors, by Jupiter Condenser. Construction is accurate to the original materials used in the Bumb...

Jupiter Bumblebee, Aluminium Foil Paper-in-Oil Capacitor

Jupiter Condenser has applied the same materials and processes used to make their successful HT line of capacitors to make their all-new Flat Stack...

Jupiter HT Flat Stacked Paper Beeswax Cryo (Discontinued)

100V rated Flat Stack capacitors, designed specifically for loudspeaker crossovers, using similar materials as the famous HT capacitors, they offer...

Jupiter VT Flat Stacked Paper Beeswax Cryo Capacitors

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