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Nichicon Electrolytic Capacitors

Nichicon manufacture electrolytic capacitors specifically designed for audio. We now stock the KZ, FW, ES, GB.DB, FG, HZ, KA, KX, VY and SW type. With Black Gate stocks deminishing fast, these are a great alternative.  

Nichicon`s FG or "Fine Gold" acoustic series are suited for high grade audio equipment, using state of the art etching techniques. Rich sound in th...

Nichicon FG Electrolytic Capacitor

The Nichicon Muse KZ type electrolytic are their premium grade type, specifically designed for audio. Reasonably priced and incredibly popular.

Nichicon KZ Capacitor

Nichicon's range of Bi-polar "MUSE" acoustic series electrolytic capacitors. Suited for audio signal circuits. Incredibly popular within the DIY co...

ES Nichicon Electrolytic Capacitors

The FW type offer low distortion, mechanically damped capacitors, designed for audio, with superb sonics at very reasonable cost.

Nichicon FW Electrolytic Capacitor

Nichicon's KA Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor was designed as a higher-grade 105ºC capacitor capable of achieving higher sound quality in au...

Nichicon KA electrolytic capacitors

Nichicon`s range of ultra low impedance, high operating voltage electrolytic capacitors. Suited for audio signal circuits, power supply capacitors...

Nichicon HZ Electrolytic capacitor

Nichicon's SW Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor was designed as their acoustic range, all have a height of 7mm.

Nichicon SW electrolytic capacitors

Snap-in Terminal Type, For Audio Equipment. Great for power supply upgrades

Nichicon KX electrolytic capacitors

High grade power supply electrolytics, excellent specification with a long life. Featuring the famous Gold Tune and Super Through capacitance

Nichicon KG Electrolytic Capacitor

Radial high voltage, wide temperature range aluminium electrolytics from Nichicon

Nichicon VY Type

Nichicon`s bi-polar type electrolytics, designed specifically for use in crossover networks in loudspeakers. Great performers. 

Nichicon GB & DB Type Electrolytic Capacitor

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