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Elna Electrolytics Capacitors

Since the demise of Black Gate capacitors, DIYers have turned to the excellent Elna audio grade of the range of capacitors, namely the Elna Simics and Elna Cerafines.

The Elna Silmic are high-grade Silk fiber capacitors for Audio. The SILMIC series are Elna's highest grade audio capacitors that exhibit superior a...

Elna Silmic RFS Electrolytics

The Cerafine series realize high audio quality by super fine ceramic particles adopted in the fibers of the electrolytic separating paper. Charge/d...

Elna Cerafines ROA Electrolytics

The Elna RBD are bi-polar (non-polar) miniture aluminium electrolytic capacitors for audio use.

Elna RBD (bi-polar) Electrolytics

These "Now Old Stock" capacitors were used heavily in the 80s and 90s providing high reliablilty and a great sound.

Elna Axial Electrolytic NOS

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