Elna Cerafines ROA Electrolytics

Elna Cerafines ROA Electrolytics

Elna Cerafine (ROA Series) Electrolytic Capacitors

The CERAFINE series realize high audio quality by super fine ceramic particles adopted in the fibers of the electrolytic separating paper. Charge/discharge speeds are improved, distortions are reduced (less potential variations due to electro-chemical action of the ceramic), and electrical noise generated by external vibration is suppressed. This reproduces excellent sound with real concert-hall presence, resolution, power, good presence in the low range and less distortion in the mid and high ranges. With the recent demise of Black Gates and stocks becoming hard to source, the Elna Cerafines are a near as you can get to the Black Gate sound and at a fraction of the price.

Capacitance Values: 0.47uF - 6800uF
Voltage Values: 6.3Vdc - 100Vdc

Technical specifications:
temperature range: -40 to +85 degrees C
tolerance at 20 degree C, 120Hz: 20%
endurance at 85 degree C: 1000hrs
oxygen free copper leads
Red gloss sleeve with gold markings (non-ROHS)
Black matt sleeve with gold markings (ROHS)


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