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Elna RBD Bi-polar Electrolytic Capacitors

Elna RBD (bi-polar) Electrolytics

The Elna RBD are bi-polar (non-polar) miniture aluminium electrolytic capacitors for audio use. Commonly used in audio electronics where bi-polars are required. Generally not used in loudspeaker crossover applications due to small size. See the Mundorf E-CAP or Jantzen ELKOs for crossover bi-polar electrolytics.

Capacitance Values: 0.1uF - 100uF

Voltage rating: 100Vdc

Technical specifications:

  • Temperature range: -40 to +85 degrees C
  • Tolerance at 20 degree C, 120Hz: 20%
  • Endurance at 85 degree C: 1000hrs oxygen free copper leads

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