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RCA phono sockets

We have a great selection from the likes of WBT, Cardas, Audio Note, CMC, CHK, Yarbo and non branded OEM types.

Audio Note make the finest connectors in the UK, to complement their manufactured product. These connectors are used all their finished products as...

Audio Note RCA sockets

Cardas, USA, uses the finest materials in the manufacturer of its connectors. They are concerned with the sonic performance of each part and how it...

Cardas RCA Sockets


CMC, USA, are one of the leading players in connectors, with over 30 years experience. They are highly regarded and very popular in the far east, U...

CMC socket

ETI Research, Eichmann Technologies International, based in Australia, manufacture high quality connectors using high purity contacts.

KLE Innovations new RCA sockets offering high-quality connectors using high purity contacts.

KLE Innovations


Here we list less well known brands and generally lower budget connectors. This does not mean they are poor quality, by no means, we carry some gre...

OEM RCA sockets


WBT, Germany WBT began making RCA plugs in 1985 – with the aim of creating mechanically robust plugs with an innovative design as an alternative to...

YARBO of Germany, make high end audio connectors and cables. Professional product for modern audio, video systems and transmission system.

Yarbo sockets

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