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ETI Research

ETI Research, Eichmann Technologies International, based in Australia, manufacture high quality connectors using high purity contacts.

See PRICES for ETI Research RCA sockets.


The FS-08 Chassis RCA Connector Pure Silver signal contact and soldering blade Very low mass for unparalleled transparency Unique design has extrem...

ETI Research FS-08 Silver RCA Socket

ETI-Research is proud to announce the new Female RCA Connector FR-TC07. The design still follows the philosophy of the ground breaking Phono Pod wh...

ETI-Research FR-TC07 Gold RCA Socket

The ETI-Research Silver Phono Pod Elegant geometry creates low mass conductors for reduced capacitive and inductive reactance, extended bandwidth...

ETI-Research Silver Phono Pod RCA Socket

Superior RCA socket made from tellurium copper with 24K gold flashing. Absolutely zero brass and zero nickel content.

ETI Research PhonoPod, TeCu Gold Plated Female RCA socket

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