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Audio Note Resistors

Here we have the ever growing range of Audio Note Tantalum resistors. Audio Note have worked extensively on created the best sounding resistors for Audio. Their standard range of 0.5W, 1W and 2W resistors have been a point of reference for many years, this hold slight magnetism at the end cap. Then the new 2W non-magnetic range of Tantalum resistors (0.5W and 1W to follow) and finally the all new Silver non-magnetic tantalums, with pure silver end caps. Their power range is similarly growing to 0.5W and 1W in the not too distant future.

As used in Audio Note™ manufactured product these resistors are excellent. We sell the full range of 0.5 watt, 1 watt and 2 watt. Close to the Shin...

Audio Note Tantalum Resistors

New from Audio Note the non-magnetic tantalum resistors, so close to the Shinkohs we feel you won`t be able to tell the difference.

Audio Note Tantalum Non-magnetics Resistors

The all new amazing silver end cap, silver leadout , non-magnetic tantalum resistor from Audio Note. 0.5W, 1W and 2W available.

Audio Note Silver Tantalum Non-magnetic Resistors

New to Audio Note are the non-magnetic Niobium resistors, first in production are the 2W.

Audio Note Niobium Non-Magnetic Resistors

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