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Audio Note Silver Tantalum Non-Magnetic Resistors

Audio Note Silver Tantalum Non-magnetic Resistors

We are proud to be the first to receive the all new Tantalum Resistor from Audio Note. Here is what Audio Note have to say about their fabulous new resistor...

The ultimate development is the all silver resistor, no, it is not made from solid silver, but is essentially the same as the non-magnetic tantalum resistor, where instead of a high content copper brass end cap with copper lead out wires, we use a solid silver end cap with 1.2 mm pure solid silver lead out wires. We had to have a special annealable silver material developed by a metalurgist so we could control the hardness to make the “grip” of the cups sufficient to not come loose from the resistor body when bending the lead out wires. It took a while to find a specialist company willing to produce this material and then the minimum quantity they could make was 50 kilograms of silver (! Not cheap!). The first production of the material varied so much in hardness that the reject rate of the cups was well over 80%, second reprocessing, dropped the reject rate to around 60%, third reprocessing it dropped to 30%, fourth time we fionally came down to 15-20% rejects, so production of the resistors could commence. Not a cheap start up process I have to tell you.

I had the first samples of these nearly 2 years ago and their sound was phenomenal, even compared to the excellent non-magnetic versions, in fact the difference these silver resistors make is so great that they may change the sonic game overall, so this is ultimate resistor bar none.

Available from 10R - 2M2 in 48 values

The second phase has now arrived and so the following values are now available: 15R, 75R, 390R, 2K7, 3K9, 5K6, 7K5, 18K, 75K and 390K

Based on the costs of the materials and processes I originally expected these 2 watt silver tantalum resistors to retail for just under £ 30.00 and I am pleased to announce that this estimate of cost was for once reasonably accurate, so the 2 Watt silver Tantalum resistors will cost £32.45 each plus UK VAT, buy a couple to see how they sound!

BODY: diameter: 9mm, length: 18mm
LEAD: diameter: 1mm, length: 35mm

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