Output Transformer for Glasshouse 300BSE kit

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Output Transformer for Glasshouse 300BSE kit

Although we no longer sell the entire Glasshouse 300BSE kit, we do sell the iron works for the kits, so you can scratch build the kit using your own chassis. Here we have the E/I output transformer, sold in the open frame format with flying leads, built on a 120 size lamination on a 2.5 inch stack. Suitable for single-ended mode 300B or 2A3 with cathode follower as driver circuit - 20 watts / SE. The primary impedance is 3.7Kohm with a secondary impedance of 6 Ohm which suits most modern loudspeakers.

Overall size: (type D9422)
115mm (width including bobbin) x 118mm (height) x 100mm (depth)

Fixing holes: 
rectangular centres are 64mm x 81mm, same for side fitting or stand up fitting

Price 1 off:

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