E/I Transformer Volume Control MK2 (TVC)

E/I Transformer Volume Control

Following the success of our Glasshouse Passive pre-amplifier No. 1 kit, we have launched a transformer volume control version of the passive. At the heart of the Glasshouse TVC Passive pre-amplifier is a pair of 24 stepped Glasshouse TVC transformers. Built on a 147 lam, they are not only affordable, but perform superbly. We have decided to offer you the transformers separately from the kit, not only for those who already have the standard kit and wish to upgrade, but for those who like to scratch build. Our general view is our TVC offers the user not only the detail that a good passives give but also, due to it`s overall low impedance, amazing dynamics. They basically combine the best charactersitics of a passive and an active pre-amplifier.

The transformers are supplied with solder tags, so choosing a good wire is essential. We recommend the 0.5mm dia. Mundorf 99%silver/1%gold wire, it sound excellent and is also bend friendly but there are various hookup wire you can use, click HERE for more information on the wires.
To control the transformer you will need a 2 pole, 23 position or 24 way selector, we sell several types, click HERE to see the choices.

 The measured THD and noise is a very low 0.023%, as measured in our kit. Each step of the TVC transformer is 2dB, so you will get great control over the full range. These transformers are sold in pairs.

To read about the kit click HERE to see the choices.

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Wiring Diagram
Size and Price Chart

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