V-Cap CuTF

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V-Cap CuTF

The CuTF series provides the musicality of pure copper foil with the expertise, materials, and processses of the most innovative companies from around the World. If your gear is capable of delivering an out-of-body experience, install the new CuTF series and connect to the soul of the music... Recommended for signal coupling in valve electronics, speaker crossovers, and guitar electronics.

After nearly 5 years of intense R&D, I am pleased to announce the new V-Cap CuTF series- an audio signal capacitor that will take you to the Soul of the Music...™ Chris VenHaus
A relentless pursuit of the performance.

Which way round do they go?
The green lead indicates the outermost foil, and should be connected to the lowest impedance path to ground. Another way to identify outer foil is the writing on the label flows towards the outer foil.
When used in amplifiers, outer foil should be connected towards the anode of first stage If using as a bypass cap to ground, connect green lead to ground. If using as a bypass cap from a signal to B+, connect green lead to B+. If using in a feedback position, connect green lead towards the output.


Lead material: 18 AWG, 1mm diameter, solid core high purity OCC copper with VH Audio’s AirLok insulation.
Pure Fluoropolymer film dielectric.
Oxygen Free High Conductivity copper foil, dead-soft annealed in an inert atmosphere, and treated with an anti-oxidant bath.
The copper foil is vacuum packed before undergoing our proprietary Cryogenic treatment process.
Fluoropolymer film slitting is performed in-house, which means better control over environmental cleanliness.
The winding process is performed in a clean, controlled environment on custom, internally-built manual winding machines. A select group of dedicated Master Winders (averaging over 14 years of experience)
Dimensional ratios were carefully chosen for each value, based on listening test.
Several checkpoints during the construction process.
An extensive, rigorous testing and burn-in protocol is developed.
Lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.
the V-Cap CuTF is NOT a “rebrand” or relabeling of an already existing product, handcrafted in the U.S.A For your information, Teflon is a brand name created by DuPont Co. and is a fluoropolymer. Hence why these are sometimes referred to as Teflon capacitors.


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