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Cotton Sleeving Upgrade

This week we have a write up from A.C. about upgrading cables with cotton sleeving:
"I made a pair of silver foil speaker cables using your cotton sleeving, and the sound is astonishing! I expected an improvement in the treble and detail compared to the old copper foil cables but I was pleasantly surprised by the transformational change in sound. 
The instrument placement seems much tidier yet more natural, and music overall is very toe-tap inducing (I guess the proper audiophile term is PRaT). I know I'll be enjoying this holiday very much.


Several details regarding my DIY recipe:
1. The silver foil was taken from a 14awg alpha core inductor.
2. The black tape at the end of the cable is TA-32 vibration damping material from Japanese company Fo. Q.
3. The cotton tube is in direct contact with the silver foil."
Cable sleeving is a cheap way to upgrade a system so it's great to get some positive reviews back about it, many thanks to A.C. for writing in!
If you've got any projects or upgrades you'd like to be featured on the site please don't hesitate to get in touch: info@hificollective.co.uk

To check out more info about the cotton sleeving please click:  HERE.

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