Cotton Tubing

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Cotton Tubing

100% Cotton Tube. Non-dye natural colour cotton tubing for bare wire and sheathed wire. The cotton acts as a cushion to reduce un-necessary vibration for pure sound. Great for interconnects and speaker cables. Provides a natural and warm tone. The sizes listed below are the standard dimensions, however; becasue of the expandable construction it is possible to put a wire through about 25% thicker, but it will become slightly shorter.

Due to investment in a large quantity of stock, we have been able to bring the prices down around 25%

We now have six sizes available.
COT-1.8/3: External diameter 3mm, internal diameter 1.8mm
COT-2.5/4: External diameter 4mm, internal diameter 2.5mm
COT-5/7: External diameter 7mm, internal diameter 5mm
COT-10/11: External diameter 11mm, internal diameter 10mm
COT-12/13: External diameter 13mm, internal diameter 12mm
COT-20/22: External diameter 22mm, internal diameter 20mm - Suitable for use with copper foils up to a width of 28mm
COT-30/32: External diameter 32mm, internal diameter 30mm - Suitable for use with copper foils up to a width of 44mm

PRICE per metre
COT-1.8/3  £0.90 +vat +p&p
COT-2.5/4  £1.00 +vat +p&p
COT-5/7  £1.40 +vat +p&p
COT-10/11  £2.30 +vat +p&p
COT-12/13  £3.00 +vat +p&p
COT-20/22  £3.00 +vat +p&p
COT-30/32  £4.40 +vat +p&p


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