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Expandable Sleeving

Expandable Sleeving

A black woven polyester sleeving, expands readily to accommodate a range of varying cable diameters. Woven characteristics of the material allow wires and cables to be threaded through the sleeving tube. Offers excellent resistance to abrasion. Unaffected by UV light. It is recommended that cut sleeving ends be fused with a soldering iron to prevent fraying and further covered by heat shrink. If you have a cable of diameter 6mm then use the EXSL-06.

Please Note: this is now sold by the metre, not in 5m lengths. Supplied continuous - up to 25m.

PRICE per metre
EXSL-05, external diameter 5mm £0.65+vat+p&p
EXSL-06, external diameter 6mm £0.65+vat+p&p
EXSL-08, external diameter 8mm £0.82+vat+p&p
EXSL-10, external diameter 10mm £0.92+vat+p&p
EXSL-12, external diameter 12mm £1.02+vat+p&p
EXSL-15, external diameter 15mm £1.47+vat+p&p
EXSL-20, external diameter 20mm £1.51+vat+p&p
EXSL-25, external diameter 25mm £1.93+vat+p&p
EXSL-30, external diameter 30mm £2.61+vat+p&p
EXSL-40, external diameter 40mm £3.49+vat+p&p


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