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Screening Braid

Braids for the electrical screening of wires. This braid is based on a tube plastic former so wires can be threaded through. Superb for home made interconnect cables, simply insert your signal and return wire into the tube former and wire up to the RCA plugs. BTUBE1.2 great for internal wiring of pre-amps to reduce cross talk. It is advisable that you insulate the exposed screening braid with heat shrink or expandable sleeving or some form of covering. The braid is tin or nickel plated copper braid depending on size.

There are six sizes available:
BTUBE1.5 - former internal diameter. 1.5mm, former outer diameter. 2.90mm, external diameter 3.5mm
BTUBE2 - former internal diameter. 2mm, former outer diameter. 3.8mm, external diameter 5mm
BTUBE3 - former internal diameter. 3mm, former outer diameter. 5mm, external diameter 5.5mm
BTUBE4 - former internal diameter. 4mm, former outer diameter. 6mm, external diameter 6.5mm
BTUBE4.5 - former internal diameter. 4.5mm, former outer diameter. 6mm, external diameter 9.5mm - DISCONTINUED LINE
BTUBE5.5 - former internal diameter. 5.5mm, former outer diameter. 7.5mm, external diameter 8mm
BTUBE7 - former internal diameter. 7mm, former outer diameter. 9.75mm, external diameter 10.5mm
BTUBE7.5 - former internal diameter. 7.5mm, former outer diameter. 10mm, external diameter 15mm - DISCONTINUED LINE
BTUBE10 - former internal diameter. 10mm, former outer diameter. 12.5mm, external diameter 18mm - DISCONTINUED LINE
BTUBE11 - former internal diameter. 11mm, former outer diameter. 14.5mm, external diameter 15mm
BTUBE13 - former internal diameter. 13mm, former outer diameter. 16mm, external diameter 20mm - DISCONTINUED LINE


PRICE per metre
BTUBE1.5 - £3.81+vat+p&p
BTUBE2 - £4.02+vat+p&p
BTUBE3 - £3.81+vat+p&p
BTUBE4 - £3.81+vat+p&p
BTUBE4.5 - £4.23+vat+p&p - DISCONTINUED LINE
BTUBE5.5 - £4.23+vat+p&p
BTUBE7 - £5.10+vat+p&p
BTUBE7.5 - £7.59+vat+p&p - DISCONTINUED LINE
BTUBE10 - £7.59+vat+p&p - DISCONTINUED LINE
BTUBE11 - £7.59+vat+p&p
BTUBE13 - £8.50+vat+p&p - DISCONTINUED LINE


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