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Silk Tubing

Pure silk tubing is the best natural sleeving for wire, be it bare solid core wire or sleeved wire. The silk acts as a cushion to reduce un-necessary vibration improving performance. Regularly used in speaker and interconnect cables.

We have five sizes available.
SLK-1.5/3: External diameter 3mm, internal diameter 1.5mm
SLK-2.5/4: External diameter 4mm, internal diameter 2.5mm
SLK-4/5.5: External diameter 5.5mm, internal diameter 4mm
SLK-5.5/7: External diameter 7mm, internal diameter 5.5mm
SLK-10/11: External diameter 11mm, internal diameter 10mm

PRICE per metre
SLK-1.5/3  £4.35+vat+p&p
SLK-2.5/4  £6.25+vat+p&p
SLK-4/5.5  £6.95+vat+p&p
SLK-5.5/7  £11.00+vat+p&p
SLK-10/11  £15.20+vat+p&p

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