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We stock black, blue, green, red and clear heatshrink from 1.6mm to 19.1mm in diameter (unshrunk diameter). Suitable for insulating components or sheathing lengths of wire. Shrink ratio 2:1, e.g., 2.4mm diameter will shrink to 1.2mm. Operating temperature 105°C, shrink temperature 70-115°C - requires the use of a hot air gun. Made from POLYOLEFIN.

Sold in continuous lengths, the maximum length is 25m.

For order codes: 

  • B - black heatshrink
  • BL - blue heatshrink
  • G - green heatshrink
  • R - red heatshrink
  • C - clear heatshrink

Also available is large clear heatshrink for insulating capacitors and switches/stepped attenuators. When insulating capacitors etc., cut a piece of heatshrink 10% longer than the cap. When it shrinks, it will neatly cover the ends. (See image of Audio Note caps below).

Price per 1m
HTS*1.6 - £0.48+vat+p&p
HTS*2.4 - £0.61+vat+p&p
HTS*3.2 - £0.68+vat+p&p
HTS*4.8 - £0.70+vat+p&p
HTS*6.4 - £0.82+vat+p&p
HTS*9.5 - £1.02+vat+p&p
HTS*12.7 - £1.15+vat+p&p
HTS*19.1 - £1.69+vat+p&p

Price per 0.25m
HTSC25-4 - (25.4mm) £0.48+vat+p&p
HTSC38-1 - (38.1mm) £0.61+vat+p&p
HTSC50-8- (50.8mm) £0.68+vat+p&p

PDF datasheet
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