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Passive Crossover Capacitor Upgrade


Todays blog was sent in by P.E. from sunny Cali in the U.S.A. Heres the latest edition of his system recently updated with parts from HiFi Collective.



"My first purchase was a few years back when I ordered inner stage and output coupling caps for my 845 based pair of amps. I recently ordered a set of caps for my passive crossover which delivers signal to the TAD compression horn and tweeter. It’s a tri amped system using a Nelson Pass active crossover for the mid bass driver and 15” woofer. The caps I ordered for the passive crossover from you guys replaced the the copper foil and Teflon V-Caps I had been using. I’m looking forward to the AudioNote copper foil to settle and burn in. My midrange horn and tweeter are 105db efficient so the SET 845 amp is only putting out milliwatts. I know it will take time but the good news is the system runs pretty much all day and into the night. From what I’m hearing already I believe I’m in for a real treat. This evening I placed two orders for .033mf bypass caps."



Many thanks to P.E. for sending in these photos, we hope the caps continue to burn in nicely!


If you've got any DIY projects you'd like to share please get in touch at info@hificollective.co.uk, we love seeing all the different systems our components end up in!



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