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Takman Carbon Film Resistors

With the growing popularity of Takman carbon film resistors we have decided to extend the values from the E12 range to the E24 range, this will add an extra 68 values to the 0.5W range, enough for anyones appetite. Due for delivery mid-Jan 2009. So this will accommodate the precise values needed for stepped attenuator, particularly with will enable a large number of step...

Takman 0.5W metal films now in

We have purchased the E24 range of the 0.5W metals and have already made our first stepped attenuator which sounds amazing. These little beauties are 1% tolerance, non-magnetic, non-inductive, specifically designed for audio use. They even challenge the Audio Note Tantalums and the Shinkohs.


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Charcroft Z-Foil Resistors now in stock

Hificollective are the first to stock the E12 range (>100K) of this exciting new resistor. Rated at 0.4W it further reinforces the amazing advances in Vishay`s Z-Foil technology. Effectively a naked Z-foil without it`s plastic coating offering incredibly low noise and a sound that is out of this World.


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Seiden 43 way stepped attenuator

To add to our ever increasing line of stepped attenuators we now have the beautiful 2 pole 43 way Seiden (Japan) fitted with the Takman resistors, also from Japan. Have a read of Neville Roberts review and how he found swapping the all important load resistors around. We are currently awaiting fresh stocks of Shinkoh resistors so we will soon be selling this with ALL Shinkohs...

Allen Bradley Resistors are HERE

After nearly a year of searching we have finally acquired huge stocks of the famous Allen Bradley Carbon Composite Resistors. Loved for its pure musical tone! And the great news is we have got loads of them. With over half a million in stock we have an impressive range of the 0.5W, 1W and 2Ws.

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Nichicon Capacitors have landed

With the sad demise of Black Gate and stocks generally drying up Worldwide, we have invested heavily in alternative electrolytic capacitors. First with the Elna Silmics and Cerafines and now with the Japanese Nichicons. Designed specifically for Audio, these low cost caps are proving to be very popular. We now stock the KZ, FW, ES (bi-polar), DB, GB and FG.

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Clarity Cap ESA range extended

With the growing popularity of the Clarity Cap`s polypropylene capacitors. We have dramatically extended the range of values of the ESA range now with 37 values from 0.1uF to 47uF. This now keeps the ESA range in line with the values of the SA range we stock.


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Even though these beauties have been out of production for 6 years we are still managing to keep good stocks. WE have just received a consignment of 2Ws – new for hificollective. Also new stocks of the 0.5Ws and 1Ws are now in.


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XLR casing connectors now in

To compliment our range of male and female XLRs we have extended the range, not only with gold plated pin, black body XLR chassis mount sockets but also with different connectors. The XLR housing is popular with pro-audio, but usually features either the male or female 3 pin sockets. Now you can obtain any connector you want in this type of housing.


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