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New high-end mains cable

Utilising the best of the parts in store we have come up the a superb mains lead to rival manufactured product.

A 1 metre IEC to UK plug lead, made up of Belden cable, silver plated UK toughplug and the amazing Wattgate 320i CRYO IEC:


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Pure silver interconnect & low power speaker cable

Affordable 99.99% silver cable for interconnects and high efficiency speaker cable – sounds sublime.

New from YA is their 4 connector silver wire, shielded cable. Consist of 4 99.99% pure silver connectors, 2 off 0.08mm x 30 strains & 2 off x 0.12mm x 40 strains. Alumininium sheet sheilding. 1.2A rating. overall diameter 8mm. Recommend for interconnect & high efficiency speaker...


Clean up the mains supply with these first class RF IEC filter inlets.

Swap your straight path IEC sockets with one of these RF IEC inlet filters, one without fuse and the oterh with fuse. Clean up your supply.


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TJ Full Music 845s & 211s

As TJ broaden their range, we are proud to annouce we have stock of their exceptional 845 and 211 valves.

Re-known for their amazing sonics, hificollective now have the TJ 845 and 211 valves, available in matched pairs:


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The famous 100K TKD Ko-on potentiometer at a bargain price of £40.00 + vat

With the recent arrival of new stocks of the TKD 2CP-2508 potentiometers. We are selling off the older 2CP-2511. the 100Ks are £40.00 + vat and the other values are £65.00 + vat. These are still exceptional potentiometers.

The benefit of the newer 2CP-2508 is an improved sweep.

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Jupiter`s beeswax HT range extended

The superb range of Jupiter`s HT capacitors just got bigger. It now has 2.2uF, 3.3uF and 4.7uF.

We feel that Jupiter`s HT range of capacitors are one of the best sounding caps around and are sometimes overlooked, but stop there! Try them, you won`t be disappointed:


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CARDAS have landed

New to hificollective are the amazing Cardas connectors from the USA. Exceptional quality at a great price.

Cardas offer an excellent solution for all your connection needs, we now stock a good range of the Cardas connectors:

Binding Posts

RCA Sockets


Glasshouse C-Core TVC kit now available

New from Glasshouse is the ultimate TVC kit, featiring C-core transformers and short signal paths construction.
We have really thought out this kit. Firstly the chassis is large enough to fit any TVC transformer available. Primarily designed to fit our C-core TVCs but it will work with any. Utilising a switch bracket the switches are fitted close to the signal input and the transformers...


With a lack of remote control kits on the market, Nick Gorham came up with this great kit. Available with or without a hand set or potentiometer, this is a perfect solution for total sofa control. Powered by either a 9V dc or 6.3V ac source (heater supply) this kit is very versatile.



Hificollective has extended the range of Seiden Switches

We all know Elma but now there is something better – SEIDEN. Step up your switches and stepped attenuators with these gems and you will never look back. Hificollective have now invested heavily in stocks of 2 pole 6 way, 4 pole 6 way, 1 pole 23 way, 2 pole 23 way, 4 pole 23 way and 2 pole 43 way switches.



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