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Audio Note Electrolytic Range Extended

Audio Note Kaisei Range Extended

Audio Note have extended their range of superb Electrolytic and Kaisei capacitors to include the following values...

Following values are now in stock:
220uF 100V Kaisei Non-Polar
470uF 25V Kaisei
470uF 25V Kaisei Non-Polar
1000uF 25V Standard Electrolytic
4700uF 16V Kaisei
4700uF 16V Kaisei Non-Polar

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These values will be in stock in late March:
220uF 160V Standard Electrolytic
220uF 160V Kaisei
220uF 160V Kaisei  Non-Polar
10000uF 63V Standard Electrolytic
10000uF 63V Kaisei

If you would like us to notify you when stock arrives the please send us an e-mail info@hificollective.co.uk

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