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Mundorf MCap Supreme EVO Capacitors

The MCap® SUPREME EVO range of capacitors is a complete new development for 2015 from Mundorf. It combines the excellent impulse playback of the EVOLUTION winding technology, (as used in the incredibly popular MCap EVO, MCap EVO Oil and the MCap EVO Silver Gold Oil)  with the unsurpassed
holographic three-dimensionality of the SUPREME winding technology, (as used in the sublime MCap...

Audyn Capacitors - True Copper

Hi-Fi Collective are proud to announce that we now stock the fantastic Audyn capacitors from Intertechnik in Germany.

The Audyn True Copper Cap does not have a separate sound or sound picture. Absolutely exact, accurate and honest reproduction of the signals that enter. For more information on True Copper please click HERE...

New Values of Jensen Copper Foil capacitors

We are pleased to announce that we will now be stocking Jensen's 0.01uF and 0.047uF 630v Copper Foil, Paper in oil, in a paper can capacitors

For more information on these products please click HERE

And the following values in Jensen's Copper Foil, Paper in oil, in a copper can capacitors: 0.0047uF 1000V, 0.01uF...

Updated Search Facility

The search bar now predicts what you are looking for as you type, helping you narrow down your search from the start. (Top Image)

All results are then displayed in order of their relation to your search.

You can then narrow your results as per the categories menu on the left hand side. (Bottom Image)

This new system is designed to be more user-friendly and make your...

Audio Note Tantalum ranges extended

Hi-Fi Collective are now stocking 12 additional of Audio Note 0.5W Tantalum resistors.

New values are: 20R, 24R, 750R, 3K, 4K3, 5K1, 7K5, 36K, 110K, 130K, 300K & 910K

For more information on Audio Note Tantalum resistors, please click HERE

We are also stocking 4 new values of the Non-Magnetic 2W range: 1M1, 1M3, 1M6 & 2M1...

Takman 1w - E24 ranges coming soon

Takman Carbon and Metal film 1W resistor ranges will be extended to full E-24 range in the next few weeks.

Takman resistors are already extremely popular in manufactured hi-fi, their notoriety excelerated by their amazing natural tonality and clean detailing.

We hope to take delivery towards the end of the month... 

Also look out for a new stepped attenuator featuring the...

M-Connect Terminals

Mundorf, Germany have been making high quality audio grade components for over 25 years. They are highly regarded innovators in the industry. They make superb products.

4 different styles currently available. Solid Copper, Silver plated and Gold plated finishes.

These are robust, well designed, and superb quality.

For more information on these products please click...

Polystyrene Caps range increased

18pf, 30pf, 360pf, 430pf, 620pf, 910pf - all rated at 630v - added to the range.


For more information on this product please click HERE

Jantzen Audio Cross Cap Range

Due to the growing popularity of Jantzen Audio’s Superior and Silver Z-Cap ranges, Hi-Fi Collective will soon be stocking the full range of Cross-Caps.

“Cross Caps do not make any unpleasant distortion on sound and do not colour the sound.

The Cross Cap is a very fine capacitor offered at an affordable price.”



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