ABS Expandable Sleeving Cable Comparison

ABS Expandable Sleeving Cable Comparison


Hey everyone,

We recently got in some ABS Expandable Sleeving that can be used to wrap the outside of your cables to help with ground and electrical interference problems. This can be especially useful for longer cable lengths, or for audio cables that are running in close proximity to power cables/sources. Use this cheap fix to decrease hum, reduce noise floor, and to bring back some of that delicate high end to your signal path! Simply snake it over the top of your cables, heat wrap the ends so its sealed, plug it in and your away.

It is made by incorporating bulked PA monofilaments in a standard PET construction, this braided hybrid jacket substantially reduces unwanted noise by lessening background noise and vibration interference thus allowing for purer sound reproduction. Excellent for those looking for a braiding on their home made cables, or wanting to take their unbraided cables up a notch.


But don't just take our word for it, check out what it sounds like before and after with the sound clips below!

**best heard with headphones**

Without ABS Expandable Sleeving:


With ABS Expandable Sleeving:


*Tested using an identical Cordial CCI 6 PP cable with Neutrik 6.3mm jacks, with 12mm sleeving*


To check out more information and prices please click HERE

To find heat shrink for terminating your cable ends please click HERE

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