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Here we have another detailed write up from R.T. about the Elekit TU8600 kit. In his own words:


"Before I write a few words regarding my TU8600 build I must first say a massive thank you to Victor Kung @ vkmusic.ca. Victors passion, knowledge and commitment to making my purchase of this kit as straight forward and as pleasant an experience as he possibly could went way...

Part 2 of Gábor Horváths upgrade story comes today with the tube line preamp he's worked on. In G.H.s own words:
"I found a nice tube line preamp designed by Giorgio Pozzoli.
It uses 2 pcs E88CC (6922), 1 per channel. Volume potentiometer is situated at the output instead of the input. I like this because the signal to noise ratio...

The next few blog posts come from Hungary, sent in by Gábor Horváth.

Watch this space as over the next few weeks we'll be showing a few more of G.H.'s projects, starting with his speaker upgrades. In his own words:

"It is DF3-160 kit with D21, D54 and 30W54 speakers.
I applied the original Heybrook HB3 stand to raise the loudspeaker to the proper position.


Following our visit to the Warsaw 2018 Audio Video Show, we came across a demonstration room featuring Cube Audio Nenuphar Loudspeakers. My head was turned. I have never heard full range drivers sound so good. Being high efficiency they suited valve amplifiers.

So I set to work and after a lengthy conversation with Grzegorz Rulka we secured the distribution on not only their incredibly...


Here we have some photos from a customers Lenco Record Player; in use currently is a Lyra Delos cart on the AudioMods arm, although he has a SME M2 12R arm as well with either a SPU or AudioMods cart fitted.



One of our customers has sent in a write-up of his journey modding an ANK EL34 Level 4 C-Core amplifier, from initial build through to its current state, along with images of the different build stages!

With no further ado, heres R.T.'s words on the process:


"Ok. Off the bat let me say my journey with this amplifier has at times been a rocky one. Don’t get me wrong I...

Following the launch of The Duelund Precision woofer see https://www.hificollective.co.uk/components/duelund-8-inch-precision-audio-driver.html

Humble Home Made Hi-Fi have developed a loudspeaker speaker kit featuring their woofer and the Duelund Precision 1 inch dome tweeter. The...

A customer, RT, build a burn in circuit using bits and bobs he had lying around, here's what he said:
"Further to our conversation regarding a capacitor burn in circuit please find enclosed a few pics of a circuit I've put together. Still in testing hence the Mundorf sitting in there.

We recently had a client purchase some of the ABS Expandable Sleeving cable sheilding, and to our delight he had a very similiar reaction to ours when we first tested it out!

G.S. wrote:

"Just a quick note to say I received the cables, listening right now
and I'm BLOWN AWAY guys!

Have to say that when I got the parcel I was struck with strong buyers

This week we had a customer leave an instagram review of a capacitor test they created, for some amazing photos of an array of hifi's from start to finish, check out jaudioresearch's instagram  PAGE


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