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Arizona Capacitors

HiFi Collective are pleased to announce we will soon be taking delivery of 3 new ranges from Arizona Capacitors: 

Arizona Capacitors Blue Cactus - Mylar/ Paper/Oil/Aluminium Foil C50309 - available in 0.022, 0.047, 0.1, 0.22, 0.33 and 0.47uF 600V 10% tolerance. 

Arizona Capacitors Red Cactus -Paper/ Oil/Aluminium Foil C85805 - available in 0.1 and 0.22uF 600V 10% tolerance.  ...

Q Acoustic 3020 Bookshelf Speaker

Talk about David and Goliath? These bookshelves from Q Acoustics have created quite a stir – winning every award up for grabs. We auditioned them for a colleagues second system, and they are very impressive. Has anyone got some? Heard some? Upgraded some? Email us: info@hificollective.co.uk

We are thinking a re-wire and external crossover,...


We have been busy over the past few months working on a MKII version of our TVC pre-amp. We have sourced new transformers that initial listening tests lead us to believe are even better than the originals, and all the internal wiring will be the ever-popular Jupiter copper in cotton sleeving. For those people who have an old version (with a stepped attenuator) is is possible to upgrade to TVC'...

Glasshouse Speaker Cable Kit No.4

Following on from the success of Jantzen Audio products, we have launched a speaker cable kit using their solid core copper cables and gold plated twin-screw banana plugs. This kit is very easy to assemble with no soldering required. There is a strong following for the idea that solder-less connections are better for the overall performance of the finished cable...

For more information...

Duelund Resistor Range extended

We have added a few new values of both Duelund lines of Resistors. Additionally by investing in large quantities of stock, HiFi Collective are pleased announce we are reducing the prices of both the Duelund resistor and Duelund Cast resistor ranges.

The Duelund Standard Graphite Silver resistors have been reduced from £18.50 to £13.00 - for more information please click...

Audio Note Kaisei Range Extended

Audio Note have extended their range of superb Electrolytic and Kaisei capacitors to include the following values...

Following values are now in stock:
220uF 100V Kaisei Non-Polar
470uF 25V Kaisei
470uF 25V Kaisei Non-Polar
1000uF 25V Standard Electrolytic
4700uF 16V Kaisei
4700uF 16V Kaisei Non-Polar

To buy now, please click...

Development Tools

We are now stocking the following development tools for those budding speaker designers out there:

1384653: Intertechnik Multiresist, 0.1R to 100R - This board houses 39 Intertechnik 10W ceramic resistors of differing values. Please click HERE for more information on this product.

1384652: Intertechnik...

Neotech Silver wire ranges extended

We have added two new gauge wires to the superb neotech solid core and multistrand silver wire ranges.

STDST-20: Neotech Multistrand Silver Wire, 7/0.32mm - Please click HERE for more information on this product

SOST-22: Neotech Solid Silver Wire, 1/0.65mm - Please click ...

They design and manufacture some of the most reliable film capacitors available today.

As a result of our recent aquisition of Audiocap and all stock, HiFi Collective are now stocking Sprague Barr Electronics Orange Drop capacitors. They design and manufacture some of the most reliable film capacitors available today.

The 715P series are constructed of polypropylene film, single section, non-inductively wound with extended foils. For more information on the 715P series...

F&T electrolytic capacitor range extended

Hi-Fi Collective are now stocking a huge range of F&T capacitors - F & T from Germany have been making capacitors since 1948. They offer a huge range of electrolytics.

We have the Type A range of electrolyic axial capacitors, offering high reliability and high ripple current. Solid construction with all-welded contacts and welded axial leads. For more information on F&T Type...

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