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Tube Line Preamp

Part 2 of Gábor Horváths upgrade story comes today with the tube line preamp he's worked on. In G.H.s own words:
"I found a nice tube line preamp designed by Giorgio Pozzoli.
It uses 2 pcs E88CC (6922), 1 per channel. Volume potentiometer is situated at the output instead of the input. I like this because the signal to noise ratio is constant at any volume.
I made 4 pcs up till now developing a little bit time to time.
On these pictures you can see the last 2 versions."
"This is the last version. I used 10,000 uF as filter capacitor and 3 chokes in each channel as recommended by Pozzoli.
The result is a wonderful sound without any hiss or hum."
Thanks again to Gábor for sending these photos in, stay tuned for the next blog post, where we'll show the power amp and upgrades that accompany the rest of his system!
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