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DAC Output Stage Capacitor Sound Test

This week we had a customer leave an instagram review of a capacitor test they created, for some amazing photos of an array of hifi's from start to finish, check out jaudioresearch's instagram  PAGE

Accompanying the pictures P.T. wrote:

"I'm guessing this test isn't much about duelund or Mundorf sio,...everyone knows they are amazing.

Miflex is the new cap on the block and it's OK on its own...but the midrange is quite shy and top end slightly highlighted so it's not so well balanced to my personal opinion. 

But it has the best bass out of 3 caps!.

ssing Miflex 0.47uf with Jupiter copper 0.047uf....fixes that problem.

You will get great midrange of Jupiter copper !amazing 3d sound stage and bass to die for."


Thanks for the tag P.T. please keep us up to date with all future hifi endeavours!

If anyone has any hifi success (or failure) stories you'd like to share please dont hesitate to get in touch!




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