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Lenco Turntable Upgrade


Here we have some photos from a customers Lenco Record Player; in use currently is a Lyra Delos cart on the AudioMods arm, although he has a SME M2 12R arm as well with either a SPU or AudioMods cart fitted.


The tone arm wire is from yours truely, the Audio Note Litz in a silk sleeve.


Thanks to K.S. for sending in the beautiful photos, glad we could have been of assistance, and as requested by K.S. heres a link to Lenco Heaven forum (https://www.lencoheaven.net) from guides/components to projects and experiements they're the place to go for all things Lenco!

If you have any completed projects, working progress' or complete failures you think people would like to see please dont hesitiate to get in touch with info@hificollective.co.uk, we love seeing what you all are up to!

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