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Capacitor Burn In Circuit

A customer, RT, build a burn in circuit using bits and bobs he had lying around, here's what he said:
"Further to our conversation regarding a capacitor burn in circuit please find enclosed a few pics of a circuit I've put together. Still in testing hence the Mundorf sitting in there.
I decided to wire the caps in parallel as opposed to series as outlined in the original circuit we discussed. I did this because other burn in circuits I've seen during my research appear to favour this layout. Something to do with combined inductance and resistance introduced by capacitors reducing the potential burn in effect on caps further down the chain when in series maybe. Definitely not 100% on that statement though.
The ingredients for this circuit were as follows.
- About 1.5 feet of cheap speaker cable I had knocking around.
- 8ohm 100w resistor; spare from my artificial load box project. Think they were 2 or £3 each from amazon. Sent from China.
- A very simple mini class D amplifier module from eBay 2x 10w - £5. (Actually given to me by a friend. Props to James) Surprisingly loud but sound quality isn't great, that's not important for this project though.
- 12v 2amp power supply from Amazon to power it - £7.
- 2x cable joining blocks I had in my tool box possibly a couple of £ worth.
- A pair of 4mm speaker binding posts also spare from my artificial load box project. Think they were £1.50 a pair from Amazon. Again from China.
- Sticky back Velcro so the circuit can be removed from and fitted to the tub with ease.
- Some screws, a bit of wood and a drill.
- A Saturday afternoon. :-)
All will be fitted into a clear plastic resealable tub I bought from the local Morrisons once complete."
Many thanks to RT for the photos and letting us know what he's up to, lovely to see all the different types of projects you all get up to. If you have any hifi stories or builds you'd like to share please dont hesitiate to send an email to info@hificollective.co.uk

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