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Loftin White based 45 SET amplifier

Loftin White based 45 SET amplifier
Loftin White based 45 SET amplifier

Here we have a fabulous single ended amplifier home built by Barry in the UK. Shown here is his second version of the famous Loftin White circuit with a few twists.

As the picture illustrates they are monoblocks; each with their own power supply. The chassis' are Hammond wooden edged, metal top plate type - a simple design that requires a little handy work but very easy to work with. The walnut wood is treated to a few coats of Tung oil shine. The mains transformers and chokes are off-the-shelf Hammond types from the US. Barry was also lucky enough to obtain some Electraprint output transformers.

The output valves used are 45s, the directly heated triode, one per channel offering a 1 watt output, horns required here. He is using the V4 octal base version from Emission Labs. The driver valve is the 12AX7 (Raytheon Black Plate version) which only actually uses one half per amp. The rectifier valve used is the Tungsol 5U4GB.

As you can see from the internal shots he has furnished his amps with some great bits such as Clarity Cap TCs, an assortment of Mundorf capacitors  and an Amtrans AMRG resistor. For the signal side he has used Charcroft and 12W mills resistors and the capacitor line up is ClarityCap MRs, Mundorf Supreme silver golds, Audyn Copper Max, V-Caps CuTFs and Jupiter Copper Foils. CMC Teflon valve bases are used throughout along with Mundorf silver gold wire. All these were obtained from Hi-Fi Collective.

Barry's system consists of Avantgarde Duo Omega Horn Speakers along with the T+A Dac 8 DSD. Though his system is currently in flux.

So what we have is an incredibly well done example of a hand-crafted amplifier. Barry is happy for you to contact him via smart845.blogspot.co.uk and he is also a regular on the Whatsbestforum (blue58). He would also consider commissions.

Many thanks Barry for your input. 

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