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Arizona Capacitors

Arizona Capacitors

HiFi Collective are pleased to announce we will soon be taking delivery of 3 new ranges from Arizona Capacitors: 

Arizona Capacitors Blue Cactus - Mylar/ Paper/Oil/Aluminium Foil C50309 - available in 0.022, 0.047, 0.1, 0.22, 0.33 and 0.47uF 600V 10% tolerance. 

Arizona Capacitors Red Cactus -Paper/ Oil/Aluminium Foil C85805 - available in 0.1 and 0.22uF 600V 10% tolerance.  

Arizona Capacitors Green Cactus - Mylar/ Paper/Oil/Aluminium Foil C50313 - available in 0.1, 0.22, 0.33 and 0.47uF 600V 10% tolerance.  

To register your interest, please email us: info@hificollective.co.uk


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