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Mundorf Twist: Great for everything

Great for interconnects, 2 earth and 1 signal.

Superb for speaker cables, internal and external and as hook-up wire.


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Jupiter Vintage Yellow Capacitors

Based closely on the Yellow Molded Astron capacitor for a more authentic tone to the time period. Construction is Aluminum Foil with Polyester (Mylar) Film Dielectric with tinned copper leads. Many users have reported that the Jupiter Vintage Tone caps give them the sound they have been searching since they began playing.

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Amtrans Resistors

After the demise of Riken some years ago, there is now a serious alternative, the Amtrans AMRG range. Available in 0.75 watt and 2 watt. These are absolute gems.


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JUPITER Flat Stack Capacitors

Jupiter Condenser have applied the same materials and processes use to make their successful HT line of capacitors to make their all new Flat Stack capacitors. They feature a reinforced beeswax paper dielectric and (with further improved impregnation techniques) and cased in a non-drip/melt casing and can withstand higher operating temperatures.

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HRT USB and Apple DAC's

Introducing HRT, High Resolution Technology, DACs. Amazing Music Streamers that can feed directly of your computer through a USB. They provide CD like quality. Check out the full range.


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DUELUND Alenander Copper Foil Capacitors

Fresh from Denmark, a paper in oil capacitor definitely worth using as a decouplier cap. Now available at hificollective.


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TAKMAN 0.25W Carbon and Metal Film Resistors

To give the full picture, hificollective now stock the entire range of Takman resistors. We have just bought in the full E24 range of the 1/4W takman metal films and carbon films.

Takman 0.25W Carbon Films: To buy, CLICK HERE! For more information, CLICK HERE!

Takman 0.25W Metal Films: To...

JUPITER Silver in Silk and Copper in Cotton, multi-conductor cables

We know have 2 sizes, 3 strands of double cotton sleeved wires, machine platted. Great for interconnects (1 signal, 2 return), speaker wire and hook up wire, 6 stand copper in cotton cable for heavy duty purposes.

Also we have brought in the pure silver wire, sheathed in either silk or cotton.

Not to mention we have increased the line of copper, cotton sleeved wires.



Enjoy the sounds of the Claritycap ESA with a lower cost and a smaller size. The new 250Vdc rated range, now available at hificollective.


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NICK GORHAM`S OTL Headphone Amp Project

Nick Gorham has created a new project for all you scratch builders out there. An OTL (output transformerless) headphone amplifier, featuring the double triode 6080 valve.

Full description, diagrams, parts list and theory behind this type of design available in pdf format – over 18 pages – a brilliant read

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