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Audyn Capacitors

Audyn Capacitors - True Copper

Hi-Fi Collective are proud to announce that we now stock the fantastic Audyn capacitors from Intertechnik in Germany.

The Audyn True Copper Cap does not have a separate sound or sound picture. Absolutely exact, accurate and honest reproduction of the signals that enter. For more information on True Copper please click HERE

The Audyn True Silver are a high performance audiophile capacitor. They are a silver metallised polypropylene capacitor, with pure silver lead outs. For more information on True Silver please click HERE

Audyn KP-SN range are high quality axial tin-foil/polypropylene capacitors recommended for active audio circuits. The 630Vdc range of capacitors is highly suitable for valve amplifiers. For more information on the KP-SN rangeplease click HERE

The Tri-Reference series has more detail and more dimensionality in music over the standard MKP Plus range - also offering very long term stability, For more information on the Reference Series please click HERE

Audyn MKP Plus caps - These ultra low loss capacitors have been developed for extreme impulse/power handling, For more information on MKP Plus Caps please click HERE

The Audyn fine first are Aluminium foil, paper capacitors with mineral oil impregnation. Smooth and calm in it's approach to music, it will play loud and always stay civilised. For more information on Fine First caps please click HERE

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