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Audyn Fine First Caps

Audyn Fine First Caps

The Audyn fine first are Aluminium foil, paper capacitors with mineral oil impregnation. They are rated at 400Vdc and a capacitance range from 0,01 uF to 4,7 uF is available.  Loss factor tan: less than 0,002 at 1 KHz;  High-quality capacitor for active audio and excellent for tube amplifiers.

The Intertechnik Audyn Fine First Cap is smooth and calm in it's approach to music. It will play loud and always stay civilized. The texture of acoustics instruments is quite natural, big-band's sound lush and rich but sometimes I miss that nice rough edge and sense of power you get with massed brass going full steam. Large symphony orchestra's are well spaced out around a realistic and not over-sized sound field.


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