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Audyn True Copper Max Capacitors

Audyn True Copper Max Capacitors

The 3rd Genaration of the Audyn True Copper series of capacitors. The Copper Cap max, combines the technology and advantages of the Audyn True Copper, Audyn Reference and the Audyn Plus in one component without compromise. These high copper content capacitors offers no cross contamination with mystical fairy like oils or other metal types.

A Very high end capacitor should be absolutely neutral and should let the audio signal flow without distortion. The Audyn True Copper Max Cap gives an open neutral sound; a truely accurate and honest reproduction. Suitable for loudspeaker and pre-amplifier and amplifier signal application.


  • Full OFC Copper foil
  • Copper metallized foil dielectric
  • non inductive
  • selfhealing construction
  • Tritec 7x0.5 mm tinned wire leads gives bigger surface by flexible connections
  • 630 VDC
  • Tolerance : 2%
  • Temperature: -25 C bis + 70 C
  • IEC60384-1, EN130000
  • Ris >30000/C(Mohm,uF)
  • Test V between terminals: Ur:630VDC, Ut:650VDC 1min. at 25C
  • Test V between short connected terminalsand case: 1000VDC, 1min at 25C
  • It is True Copper-Copper-Capacitor
  • The Audyn Copper max is in addition to the Copper cap
  • The Copper max will not replace the great Copper Cap. Both version remain.
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