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Audyn True Copper Caps

Audyn True Copper Caps

A very high end capacitor should be absolutely neutral and should pass signals undistorted. The Audyn True Copper Cap does not have a separate sound or sound picture. Absolutely exact, accurate and honest reproduction of the signals that enter.
This capacitor is not an Equalizier, not pointed, not emphazised, not warmer, not fresher, not brighter, not deeper, not wider. It simply does what it should. Full OFC copper-foil polypropylene capacitor for exacting and high quality loudspeaker applications. No contamination by strange mixture of various metals and fairy like oils.

  • Copper foil
  • Tritec 7x0.5 mm tinned wire leads gives bigger surface by flexible connections,
  • 630 VDC
  • Tolerance : 2%
  • No selfhealing construction
  • IEC60384-1, EN130000
  • Made for passive crossover network for loudspeakers only. Any other useage is not allowed. Due to the construction.
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