Moving Coil, Interface, Input Receiver & Line Matching Transformers

Audio Note Moving Coil

Audio Note offers the most extensive range of low-level matching transformers on the market, and of course by far the best as well, these matching transformers represent the very best examples of core quality and winding technology nothing comes close to a transformer-coupled interface or MC step-up.

Common to all of these small signal transformers is that they come in a mumetal screening can with a threaded spindle with a nut for mounting.

Audio Note has introduced a whole new range of MC, interface and receiver transformers, these will be used in their new Level 4 and Level 5 products and are of a quality hitherto never seen on the market, the copper wired MC transformers are extremely good value for money, and if you have a good MC cartridge these MC transformers will transform your system.

All the moving coil matching transformers are suitable for most moving coil cartridges, the low impedance versions are suitable for cartridges like the Audio Note™ IoI, IoII, IoGold and Io Ltd, plus most better Ortofons, the Goldbug, the Kiseki's and some Koetsu's, the high versions are meant for Goldring Eroicas, most Denons, many Clearaudios, the Van den Hul cartridges, the Lyras, the Ikeda and a few higher output Koetsus.

If you are confused about which transformer will suit your cartridge or what value of load resistor to use then please e-mail us at Hificollective with the specification of your cartridge and we will be happy to help.

The line matching transformers can be used in a number of applications, inter-component isolation and matching (as we recommend between CD-Player and pre-amplifiers, to separate earth planes and RF transfer), as pre-amplifier input or output transformers or whatever else you can think of.


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