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Duelund Alexander Range

Brand new from Duelund, using all their experience and expertise are the Alexander Copper Foil Capacitors.

We all know Duelund for their top of ther range VSF and CAST capacitors together with their high price tag, well now we have something a a little more accessible. They are constucted out of pure copper foil, using a resonance damping paper dielectricum, The whole cap is vacuum impregnated with oil, to ensure both longevity and further internal damping resulting in a great sonic benifits. They use the same oil that is used in their CAST series. The leadouts are silver plated copper. With the launch of the Alexander we now have an exciting alternative to the the likes of Audio Note and Jensen.
They are rated at 900V DC and have a tolerance of +/- 10%
capacitance range is 0.0015uF to 3.3uF

The leadout closest to the "D" in Duelund is connected to the outer foil, and as such should be connected to the lowest impedance path to ground.

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