Power Valves, 4-pin, B9A, & Others

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Here we have valves such as the famous 300B, 211, 645, EL84 etc

The EL509 is a output pentode valve built on on octal base and is used mainly as a 'sweep tube'.

The Type 45 is a directly heated audio output triode. A very popular choice.

The 101D is a low power output directly heated triode, generally used as an putput valve and used with high sensitivity amplifiers.

811A is a direct heated triode with a high µ triode, can be used as high-frequency oscillation power amplification. 811 is similar to 811A.

The huge 4 pin directly heated triode, with an anode dissipation of 75 watts.
A natural sounding valve, commonly used in sigle-ended mode.
The ultra linear 300B is a directly heated triode. 40W max anode dissipation.
A tough indirectly heated triode from Russia, 60W anode dissipation.
The mighty 845 is a directly heated triode with a max. anode dissipation of 100W.
The 40V 300mA heater version of the EL519. An often overlooked pentode valve.
The EL84/6BQ5 is a power pentode valve built on a 9 pin Noval base (B9A).

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