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Standard Type

Black Gate Standard Type Capacitors are the staple of electrolytic capacitor upgrade. These are the second in line version and are incredibly popular. The champion of electrolytic capacitors, sonically superior to all conventional electrolytic capacitors by a substantial margin, they offer very low noise, low distortion, and wide bandwidth.

Made of quality materials through the use of sophisticated automated equipment. In this case, no magnetic material is used. Low E.S.R. compared with conventional electrolytic capacitors. Excellent even at low temperatures. Suitable for all kinds of electronic equipment. Can improve the S/N ratio of the equipment and lower distortion. Capacitance tolerance ±20%.

Black Gate capacitors are no longer in production. Due to their popularity and scarcity we currently do not have any stock. As an alternative please consider the Elna Silmics or Cerafines.

We now have stock of both 100uf 50v and 47uf 50v

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