Legend Monoblock 300B/2A3

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Legend Monoblock 300B/2A3

The Legend Series Monoblock Single Ended amplifiers employ a 6SH7 driver tube wired in a pentode configuration to successfully drive a Parallel or Single Triode 2A3 or 300B tube.
It's the ultimate in configurability for anyone serious about SET amplification and is a class amplifier - a Legend in it's own right!

With 2 special Mains transformers, the T-194 and T-195, the following 4 options are available:
Option 1 Single 2A3 Amplification 3.5W Single Ended
Option 2 Parallel 2A3 Amplification 7W Single Ended
Option 3 Single 300B Amplification 8.5W Single Ended
Option 4 Parallel 300B Amplification 18-20W Single Ended

The Legends deliver that gorgeous zero feedback Single Ended triode sound. Simplicity is the key to the circuit of the amps and targeted at higher efficiency speakers they provide remarkable sound quality to rival the best of SET amplifiers yet do this at a real world price. A remarkable achievement!

The MonoBlocks are shorter in length than our Interstage amplifiers. They are a pure power amp with approx. 2V sensitivity and ideal when mated with our L2 or L3 Pre-amplifiers. The classic 5U4G rectifier tube smooths the AC for the power supply. DC filaments and a large 300MA power supply choke installed inside the chassis assures dead quiet operation! 

We no longer stock ANK kits, you will need to contact them directly. See https://ankaudiokits.com/

To contact ANK Kits, please e-mail him at Brian Smith.

For more information on the Legend monoblock's please click HERE


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