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1384651: Intertechnik Multicoil 4.7mH to 22mH

1384651: Intertechnik Multicoil 4.7mH to 22mH

A development tool for loudspeaker designers / experimentors. A large ferrite core multitap inductor is located in the centre of a large board. Each of the 9 taps can be connected via 2 gold plated screw terminals where bare wire can be attached or via a 4mm banana socket. The 9 taps provide inductance values from 4.7mH to 22mH. Many more values are available, for example 4mH can be achieved a connection between the 18mH and 22mH tap.
Additionally there are 2 rows of 3, 4mm banana sockets that are all electrically joined.

The inductor values include 4.7mH, 5.6mH, 6.8mH, 8.2mH, 10mH, 12mH, 15mH, 18mH and 22mH

Two boards would be required for stereo operation.

Dimensions: 190mm length x 170mm width x90mm height

Price (1 off)
£70.80 +vat+p+p


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