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The E-choke is a novel upgrade to the standard choke, rated at 500mA dc, 450V dc, is can be used with valve equipment. It offers up to 70dB supply ripple reduction, in addition, intermodulation distortion reduces dramatically. PCB size: 72 x 50 x 50 mm (W*L*H) (includes electrolytic, excludes standoffs). Hole pitch is 63 x 41 mm (symmetrical). All hole diameters 3.2 mm. Designed by Menno Vanderveen.

Electrical Specifications

  • Imax out 500mA dc
  • Vmax in 450V dc (can be adapted to 600V dc max when changing the input capacitor to suitable working voltage)
  • V ripple 15Vtt (maximum input ripple)
  • C-in 330uF/450V (included on module)
  • C-in may be reduced linearly when current consumption is lower than 500mA
  • C-in must be reduced when valve rectification is applied
  • C-out 330uF/450V (externally required, recommended value)
  • Voltage drop <17Vdc (in-out at 500mAdc load)
  • Dissipation <5W
  • Heatsink integrated, connected to ground
  • Rejection >40dB, time modus off (mostly used with class AB amplifiers), >60dB, time modus on (recommended for class A amplifiers)
  • short circuit NOT protected, always include fuse at module output

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