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TentLabs XO-2/XO-3 clocks

TentLabs XO-2/XO-3

Substituting the standard clock with a new clock oscillator, designed with low jitter in mind, will greatly enhance the sound quality of your digital disc players. This new clock oscillator is now made available at a very reasonable price. Just connect power supply and change a few components inside the player yourself - the fast and easy solution!


XO 2 and XO 3 are designed to be applied as an upgrade in CD and DVD players. It generates a very low jitter clock, which in turn clocks the DAC chips. This in turn leads to lower distortion in the audio spectrum. It pays off and results in: Lower grain More resolution Better transparency Cleaner sound Better bass Most commercially available CD players contain standard clock generator circuits, producing typical jitter values up to, and over 100 ps. XO 2/3 output jitter is below 3ps. Now guess how that distortion is reduced...


XO 2/3 module are based upon the XO clock module. The module is fed with a dedicated low noise power supply. The output noise is below 5 nV/Sqrt. Hz (within the critical range of 20 Hz to 100 kHz). That is 30 times more quiet than an average LM317 based voltage regulator! This low noise level contributes to the already low jitter figures of XO. All active stages have their own decoupling capacitor, and a novel compound RF series impedance towards the supply rail. XO 2/3 sits on a double-sided PCB with ground-plane, to ensure signal integrity and maintain low jitter levels.


XO 2/3 is a small module, intended to be retrofitted in your CD player. It offers a plug and play solution to come to a sound reproduction with less distortion.


XO2 is intended for stand-alone CD and DVD players. It contains an XO module of the appropriate frequency, in conjunction with the low noise power supply.


XO3 is intended to be used when external DACs are connected. XO3 is equal to XO2, but contains an additional reclocking circuit for the digital output (SPDIF). This circuit reduces the jitter at that output. The incoming jitter at the DAC will be lower, resulting in better sound. XO3 can be used in conjunction with XO-DAC.

Prices (each)
XO2 - £126.50+vat+p&p 

XO3 - £156.50+vat+p&p

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