Directly Heated Valve Filament Supply

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Directly Heated Valve Filament Supply

Valve heater supply by Tentlabs, fully built module.

There are 3 versions available:

  • Low noise version, output currents up to 1A. These typically serve small size triodes to be used as line stages. Output noise is 26dB lower compared to the standard version. Often used in conjunction with type 26 tube, integrated heatsink.
  • The standard version, output currents up to 2.5A. These typically serve small and medium-size triodes up to output tubes like 300b and 2A3 and have an integrated heatsink.
  • 5A version with output currents up to 5A. These will suit the beefy types like 211, 813, 845, and SV572 and have a bigger heatsink.

All versions are voltage adjustable between 1.5V and 12.6V. This is adjusted when the supply is connected to the load.

Mechanical specifications

1A and 2.5A unit:

  • Total size 50*90*40mm (W*L*H, heatsink included, standoffs excluded).
  • Weight 90 gram (each, excluding packaging)
  • Hole pitch 41* 81mm.
  • Needs 10mm stand-offs to mount on chassis, supplied with modules.

5A unit:

  • Total size 50*100*90mm (W*L*H, heatsink included).
  • Weight 375 gram (each, excluding packaging).
  • Needs M4 bolts to mount on chassis, not supplied with modules.

Electrical Specifications (all versions)

• Output Voltage adjustable between 1.5V and 9V, specify when ordering.
• Higher output voltages available on special order
• Output current: automatically adapts to the required level to reach voltage specified above.
• Input voltage should not exceed 1 V above specification (see application info).
• Output noise < 20 uVrms (1 Hz - 20 kHz).
• Output hum < 200 uVpeak at 100Hz / 120Hz.
• Output impedance 10 mOhm at 0Hz.
• Output impedance 10kOhm > 5Hz.
• The heatsink is electrically isolated from the circuit and can be attached to a chassis
• Over-temperature shutdown with LED indication

Sold in pairs.

Prices (1 pair)

2.5A (standard version) - £135.48 +vat+p&p

5A - £178.09 +vat+p&p

1A (low noise version) - £144.00 +vat+p&p


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