Amtrans AMCO

The new Amtrans AMC0 are metaliized PET film capacitors rated at 630V and highly recommended for valve amp signal use. Leadouts are gold plated OFC.


  • Category temperature range -40 to +100°C
  • Rated voltage 630V DC
  • Rated capacitance range 0.01uF - 1uF
  • Rated capacitance tolerance +/- 20%
  • Dissipation factor <0.1% (at 1KHz 20°C
  • Insulation resistance >15000Mohm (C>0.33uF) >5000Mohm (C>0.47uF)
  • Body Epoxy resin (Black)
  • Leadouts (up to 0.047uF) 30mm (length) x 0.6mm (diameter)
  • Leadouts (0.01uF to 1uF) 30mm (length) x 0.8mm (diameter)
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